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10 Sep 2014
by jonkdesign

Why a photo framed is a perfect gift?

A framed photo is a perfect gift. People are so time poor these days, it is such a personal and thoughtful gift that it is always remembered and appreciated.

Personalize Your Frame with a caption, which also serves to help you remember when you took the event and who is in it.

25 Aug 2016
by Catherine Wilson
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Starting School with a Smile

First Day of School

What parent can resist taking a photo of your little cutie in a school uniform for the first time!

It can be hard seeing your little babies growing up. Enjoy the moment, if they see you being upset, they might get upset too and be scared about starting this new adventure. Show them how proud you are and take a photo on your phone. You can them surprise the following week and have that picture front and center on the mantelpiece!

To get your phone photos Framed & Delivered, download the app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. You then upload a picture from your phone, choose a frame (brown, black or white), add a caption “We’re so proud of you Paul!”, add a free gift card and wait for the postman! Photographs come gift-wrapped so you can surprise them before school to start their day with a smile! :)
School Steps
Back to School Tips

  • Establish a routine – it will make mornings a Lot easier
  • Lay out clothes and make lunches the night before
  • Ask your children about their day in school
  • Be involved with your child’s homework, but don’t Do it for them!
  • Make sure your child is getting enough sleep


15 Dec 2015
by Catherine Wilson
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Print and frame your dog photos

Treasure your dog photos and get them printed and framed direct from your phone with Capture those special warm moments of you and your pet. These are memories of you and your four legged friend that will last forever. Our pets have a special place in our heart and our family. Frame those memories and print them out and put them on your desk at work.

Tips for taking photos of your dog

  1. Tire them out first,  take your dog for a run and then he will be more likely to sit still.
  2. Get your phone camera ready first, before trying to get your pet into position.
  3. Get down to your dogs level – crouch down to their height when you are taking the dog photo.
  4. Take a lot of photos – you have a better chance of getting the perfect dog photo shot, the more you take.
01 Dec 2015
by Catherine Wilson
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Santa and child framed photo

Turn memories into eye-catching Christmas stocking photo gifts this Christmas


Looking for the perfect photo gift for grandparents?

A framed photo of your children with Santa or at their school Christmas carol concert are perfect gifts and will be kept on mantelpieces for years to come. Providing many happy memories

Unique Photo Gifts From Framed and Delivered Hurry, Order Yours Today!

08 Jun 2015
by Catherine Norman
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google photos new photo storage and editing

Google Photos, awesome free alternative to Dropbox and Flickr

Google’s Photos is a new service that stores your photos and videos in one space.

The best bit is that Google Photos offers free, unlimited space for all of your photos and videos. The app is available on iPhone and Android and desktop.

Google photos does compress your photos slightly but would only be obvious to a professional.

There is also a Google “assistant” which will edit your videos and photos automatically. Create a slide show of your photos or even animate them. Editing and sharing them now is even easier with Google Photos, perfect before uploading them to the framed and delivered app on the app store

01 Jun 2015
by Catherine Norman
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Framed and Delivered photo framing app

Now available on Android. Framed and Delivered photo App.

The Framed and Delivered App photo printing app is now available on Android and can be downloaded for free on the google play store.  Upload photos direct from your Android smart phone and have them printed, framed, wrapped and shipped to your door all for €19.99. Print out your photos and display them on your wall. Memories deserve to be shared. Perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas. Personalise the photos even more with a caption. Beautifully gift wrapped and delivered world wide.


25 May 2015
by Catherine Norman
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Fathers Day photo Gift personalised caption

Surprise your dad with a framed photo for Fathers Day

Fathers day is Sunday 21st June 2015
Surprise your dad with a personalised and unique fathers day gift. Give him a framed photo direct from your phone with a personalised caption, beautifully wrapped and delivered anywhere in the world.

Order your personalised Fathers Day gift before June 16th for delivery in Ireland or before June 12th for international delivery. Find the perfect gift or present for your dad this fathers day. A memorable personalised gift for your husband on Fathers Day from your young son or daughter.

Make Fathers Day gift even more unique by adding a personalised gift card and caption to your framed photo make it a memorable day.

Perfect Fathers Day photo gift. Personalised,  Printed Framed and Delivered for only €19.95

Download the app here 

11 Nov 2014
by Catherine Norman
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5 framing tips for your home

1. Colour of the frame

Using muted and plain colors for the frame, such as white or black or brown is usually the best plan to avoid distracting from the photos on display.

2. What photos best represent who you are?

Think about what photos you would like hanging on your walls? Do you prefer photos of people or landscapes? Do certain colours make you happy? Choose the pictures that represent the photographer you are.

3. Locate the center of a frame before hanging it

To find the center of a frame putting it on a hook. pivot the top of the frame on a pencil. Find the frames center on this pencil. It will save you time in the long run.

4. Do not hang frames too high

The average persons eye level is about 4.5 feet from the ground. Most of us hang frames well above this mark.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight will fade your photos. Our photos are printed on high quality photographic and should withstand sunlight, but still it is advised to keep photos out of strong direct sunlight, just like they do in museums.

17 Sep 2014
by jonkdesign
smartphone password

How to find your password for iTunes?


Forgotten your Apple ID and Password to use the App Store ?  Go to the Apple support page here . Provide them with some information like your current and previous email addresses you might have used when registering and they will help find it for you.

Then they will help you reset your password.

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