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Print and frame your dog photos

15 Dec 2015
by Catherine Wilson
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Treasure your dog photos and get them printed and framed direct from your phone with Capture those special warm moments of you and your pet. These are memories of you and your four legged friend that will last forever. Our pets have a special place in our heart and our family. Frame those memories and print them out and put them on your desk at work.

Tips for taking photos of your dog

  1. Tire them out first,  take your dog for a run and then he will be more likely to sit still.
  2. Get your phone camera ready first, before trying to get your pet into position.
  3. Get down to your dogs level – crouch down to their height when you are taking the dog photo.
  4. Take a lot of photos – you have a better chance of getting the perfect dog photo shot, the more you take.
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