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Starting School with a Smile

25 Aug 2016
by Catherine Wilson
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First Day of School

What parent can resist taking a photo of your little cutie in a school uniform for the first time!

It can be hard seeing your little babies growing up. Enjoy the moment, if they see you being upset, they might get upset too and be scared about starting this new adventure. Show them how proud you are and take a photo on your phone. You can them surprise the following week and have that picture front and center on the mantelpiece!

To get your phone photos Framed & Delivered, download the app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. You then upload a picture from your phone, choose a frame (brown, black or white), add a caption “We’re so proud of you Paul!”, add a free gift card and wait for the postman! Photographs come gift-wrapped so you can surprise them before school to start their day with a smile! :)
School Steps
Back to School Tips

  • Establish a routine – it will make mornings a Lot easier
  • Lay out clothes and make lunches the night before
  • Ask your children about their day in school
  • Be involved with your child’s homework, but don’t Do it for them!
  • Make sure your child is getting enough sleep


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